See audience gasp as Pinky Ponk flies off stage!

Bringing In the Night Garden Live into theatres for the first time, we knew we had to do something magical… Something that really brought the Night Garden into auditoriums across the UK…

And what better way of doing that than flying the world’s first and only Amazing Flying Pinky Ponk during the show!

Parents tell us it’s one of the most “breath-taking” moments of the experience!

I’m really excited for you to see how incredible the effect looks - and hear the wonderful audience reaction to it.

Wave to the Pinky Ponk!


WEB in the night garden live dartford 36


In the video, you’ll see spectacular footage of the Amazing Flying Pinky Ponk – specially made for Igglepiggle’s brand new adventure – gliding gracefully over the heads of astonished audiences.

Little ones and their parents gaze, gasp, wow, clap and reach out their arms as if to catch it - fans, young and old, are completely spellbound by the experience!

In 10 years of bringing this magnificent live show to life for families across the UK, I’ve never seen a response to an effect in the show as delightfully captivated as this one …

… That’s because this is the very first time an effect like this has been used in theatres anywhere in the UK!

WEb in the night garden live dartford 50


Stretching 2.5 metres long, this cleverly-built flying air orb uses cutting edge patented aerodynamic technology pioneered by the specialist German company, Airstage. Airstage have designed and built similar effects all over the world - including for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

Now they’re helping us transport you and your little one into the magical world of In the Night Garden with a truly unforgettable attraction for our UK theatre tour. Watch the video of the Amazing Flying Pinky Ponk in flight with your child – I guarantee they’ll be completely mesmerised seeing it!


WEb in the night garden live dartford 30


…But, if the response from live audiences is anything to go by, even that reaction won’t compare to the face your little one will make seeing the Pinky Ponk take off in real life:

We loved it! ★★★★★
I actually got a tad emotional seeing my son’s wee face light up when the show began. He was engrossed the whole way through and gasped in amazement when the Pinky Ponk made an appearance!
- Alana from Hamilton

Lovely show ★★★★★
Best bit was the flying Pinky Ponk at the end!
- Helen from Edinburgh


Igglepiggle, iggle-onk, where will YOU catch the Pinky Ponk?


Whilst we make every endeavour for the Pinky Ponk to fly in every performance, the appearance of the flying Pinky Ponk cannot be guaranteed. This does not affect the performance.




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It's really well organised for families - we've had such a lovely time.

Hannah Seymour

Testimonials image 1

I loved the show and Ariana couldn't stop screaming with excitement

Imogen Thomas, @Imogen_Thomas

imogen thomas

Big smiles, she really loved it - definitely recommended!

Chris Newman

chris and olivia newman

The only time I've actually shed a tear in a theatre

Charlie Brooker, @charltonbrooker

charlie brooker

She loved it. Definitely bring the kids - it's fun for everyone.

Richard & Christina Heast

Richard christina and ruby

Definitely go - just for the delight on your child's face - it's amazing!

Victoria Prosser


The kids were absolutely glued all the way through!

Jade Hicks

jade and jack hicks

She was mesmerised, I was in tears - absolutely fantastic show!

Suzi Creed


She absolutely loved it and I wouldn't have wanted her to miss it.

Heather Jones

Testimonials image 2

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