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I cannot praise this show enough!! From initial point of booking through to sitting down and watching the show. I bought 3 tickets for myself, daddy and our little boy who is 16 months. Once on the website and the tickets had been purchased I was then offered the chance to buy a goody bag which I did, then I was offered the chance to meet a character which I did. When it came to pay it turned into something a little bit more expensive than first thought. All I can say is what an absolute fantastic event it was and well worth the money. I wouldn't hesitate to pay the money again! The show was amazing! I wondered how our son would be with the larger than life characters and whether he would be ok meeting Upsy Daisy, if he would enjoy the show and whether it would hold his attention or whether he would get bored but I needn't have worried! He loved every minute of it to the point where he cried when the characters left the stage. The venue was perfect, not too overwhelming! The set was perfect, the story (which is my favourite) was done superbly, all the characters featured, everything was brilliant! We met Upsy Daisy afterwards which was the cherry on the cake! Our little boy was starstruck (as were we). We received a lovely photograph of the occasion too! Absolutely perfect family outing and I cannot wait to do it all again! Very highly recommended!

Adele Carroll, Lowton, Warrington

28 Aug 2014

We came specially from the Netherlands as both children especially our 19 month old daughter is a big fan of In The Night Garden. It was really enjoyable for all of us. Good performance and superb session with beautiful effect and music Relaxed atmosphere from the start to end and it is definitely catered for family with small children and babies (our other baby is 6 month old). Helpful staff and good facilities and ideal place for performance (easy parking etc). The goody bag was very well thought and certainly good value. We had a photo session with Upsy Daisy and our daughter (and us) loved it - what's not to love about having able to hug Upsy Daisy in person! We are definitely flying across again to see next year!

Zaiti Kostense, Rotterdam, Netherlands

27 Aug 2014

Our 16 month old daughter absolutely loved the show, and we absolutely loved watching her enjoy the show! Great fun, superb special effects and a great experience. We will definitely go again.

Phil Pass, Altrincham

27 Aug 2014

We attended the 10am Ninky Nonk show at the Trafford Centre on 23rd August. I can honestly say it was an amazing experience, for us (parents) not just our 2 year old son! The showdome is incredible, perfect space and layout for children, not having seats, just a staged seating area is a great idea as kids love to move about and not keeping them restricted to invididual seats is fab.
Ben loved the whole show, from start to finish he was glued, in fact he was sad when it finished. The lighting and sound was good, and kept him entertained while waiting for the show to start.
Pleased we travelled to Manchester - wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Alison Wilson, Durham

27 Aug 2014

Had an excellent day out. My 3 year old nephew thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has not stopped talking about it since - keeps asking to go again. The show was brilliant for young kids- to see the joy and excitement on my nephews face was worth every penny and a good feeling. To see his mums face was even better. Good lighting, scenery and really true to the tv show itself. The puppeteers were great too- their facial expression everything. Transition between the puppets and life size characters was well done. Introduction helped to stop the kids getting too intimidated initially with the little puppets which was well thought out in my opinion. Good length of time in the show to sustain any young child's attention - my nephew can be hyperactive a lot but he was transfixed throughout so no worries there. The meet and greet was great fun- good photo opportunity. General service from start to finish was top notch. If you have any doubts about going like I did ignore them- it will be worth it and your child will thank you millions

Kristina Dover, Bolton

26 Aug 2014

excellent show, took baby aged 20 months and he was enthralled for the whole show. can't wait to go again when the show returns!

Frances McDonnell, Manchester

26 Aug 2014

My little girl really enjoyed herself at the show and I found myself singing along with her and the characters. I would recommend the show to anyone who's child is a fan of In The Night Garden.

rachel, birkenhead

26 Aug 2014

My 21 month old son really enjoyed the show. He sat quietly for almost 30 minutes watching it!! and then only got up so he could dance along with Upsy Daisy. Meet the character was great too - he loved meeting Upsy Daisy and giving her a hug. Would thoroughly recommend.

Elise, Preston

26 Aug 2014

There was nothing different to what we see on TV, in our house. There was no active audience engagement acts like singing and dancing. Very 2-dimensional acts - not value for money at all. The producers of the show should watch more children's theatre/stage shows for example Disney productions. The show lacked creativity and imagination, to say the very least. I would like you to improve the experience for both children and adults (in fact, there were more adults in the room anyway). More music and larger-than-life characters coming close to the children. It seems like you main intention is to make money (what's the point of paying to meet characters). It should be free for all.

Martin, Manchester

24 Aug 2014

Excellent show, my children are 3 and 18 months and both LOVED it. It was the right length and the facilities in the showdome where great. It was lovely walking through the showdome it was bright and not dark like some theatres but it was still like you where in the a theatre. A truly great day.

Hannah, Hull

24 Aug 2014


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Glasgow, Queen's Park

30 Aug - 13 Sep

It's really well organised for families - we've had such a lovely time.

Hannah Seymour

Testimonials image 1

I loved the show and Ariana couldn't stop screaming with excitement

Imogen Thomas, @Imogen_Thomas

imogen thomas

Big smiles, she really loved it - definitely recommended!

Chris Newman

chris and olivia newman

The only time I've actually shed a tear in a theatre

Charlie Brooker, @charltonbrooker

charlie brooker

She loved it. Definitely bring the kids - it's fun for everyone.

Richard & Christina Heast

Richard christina and ruby

Definitely go - just for the delight on your child's face - it's amazing!

Victoria Prosser


The kids were absolutely glued all the way through!

Jade Hicks

jade and jack hicks

She was mesmerised, I was in tears - absolutely fantastic show!

Suzi Creed


She absolutely loved it and I wouldn't have wanted her to miss it.

Heather Jones

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