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Been to both shows now. 1st time with my eldest who was then 2years as a present from his new baby brother and paid For premier tickets for us. We was sat right at the front and at the end he burst into tears as it had finished. Safe to say he loved it!!! Went the year after with both my boys who were 1 and 3 but bought standard tickets instead and iggle piggle meet and greet this time. Again had a fab time and because I bought my tickets on pre sale we was 2nd in line to meet iggle piggle. The look on my boys faces as they walked in and saw him sat there waiting for them I'll always remember.My eldest ran over and gave him a massive hug which the staff told me to quickly get a photo of. They had 10mins with iggle piggle and got a family photo taken with him which we got to keep at the end as part of the price we paid. Overall I would highly recommend the show it kept my usual lively boys quiet for an hour and all staff that we came In contact with were really friendly. Unfortunately will won't be back again this year as we have seen both the shows and my eldest is grown out of ITNG :(

Kelly-Douglas, York

We took our 18mth old son to see the show and what a fab time we had! The length of time the show is on for is perfect for little ones (just under an hour) to sit through. The Showdome was so child friendly with plenty of space for prams. The Goodie bags and choice of novelty souveniers was also great. We will be definately seeing the show again. Highly recommended. :)

Stacey Prendergast, Liverpool

Magical experience for the children and the showdome is great. I've been twice and i'll be taking my daughters again this year. It's great value for money and it's so EASY for your children. I took my second daughter at 8-9 months old- she loved it and sat there waving and astounded! I didn't think she'd be that bothered but she absolutely loved it! You needn't be worried about them making noise as all the children are dancing, singing, waving, shouting, (some crying- but that's kids) it really is a great day. The show is great, the set and puppets are so realistic. Far better than any other of the shows i've taken them to.

Zoie Hadley

Henry loved the show

Henry Butler

Just a brilliant day out and the show was absolutely fantastic.

Bruce Juniper

The whole experience was amazing and my 2 year old son loved it , he is not 1 for sitting still at all but the show had him hooked from beginning until the end. I loved seeing his beaming face and him joining in with the songs and actions, the goody bags were great and the meet the character was a great finish to the day, I would recommend this show to anyone with children.


Two 2 year old granddaughters were absolutely mesmerised throughout the show . Well worth the money as a special birthday treat .

Chris wetters

Took my 2 year old son and he loved it. Planning to take him again next year. A great show for little in the night garden fans.highly recommend

Jamie tottem

The dome wasn't too big so we had an excellent view even though we were in the standard seating area. Worth every penny, as my little boy loved it. I would definitely go again & will recommend it to all my friends.

Catherine Donoghue

A fabulous show which my grandson thoroughly enjoyed. So well done including the puppeteers who became very much part of the show, it was very cleverly done. All the staff at the venue were extremely 'child friendly' and very helpful.

sandra morgan

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